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Bringing the
Scientific Method
to the Stock Market

Comparing the stock market to science is a stretch. The only thing more emotionally-driven than the stock market is a pregnant cat on painkillers.

But that hasn’t stopped us from pulling out the beakers and applying rigorous testing to each hypothesis

Here’s what our scientific method looks like

1. Identify the candidate

Sometimes we find a company that looks good, and sometimes we get tips from our network of investors and friends.

2. Test rigorously

We dig into the company’s numbers as well as the market trajectory, top competitors, economic factors that may slow or increase growth, changes to company leadership, etc.

3. Give an “F” to 95%

Most stocks don’t hold up to our testing, which means you’ll never hear their names.

4. Time a “BUY” alert

For the precious few stocks that look like winners to us, we issue a “BUY” alert email exactly when we believe it’s the ideal time to buy.

Streamlining appeals to our scientific souls, which is why email is our preferred method for communicating with our team. We don’t tweet, Facebook, text, post on our website, or anything else.

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Analysis + Timing + Action
= Massive Returns
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Alerted at $0.31
up to $2.63
profit 848%


Alerted at $0.02
up to $0.84
profit 4200%


Alerted at $0.04
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profit 950%


Alerted at $0.0015
up to $0.1329
profit 8860%


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